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Arriving to the EDM world fresh out of a drivers license with enough bravery to sport a Sheraton Robe to a wedding gig, hails Harvey J. Born a bastard in Durham, NC he is most known for his finesse on the live stage. To many Harvey is a

staple of bridging cultures. If there was a blender made big enough to blend electronic

music, rap, prideful luxury, and wicked freedom locks this would be the byproduct. Musically

he seems a depressed alcoholic that doesn’t seem ill-mannered enough to need help as of yet.


His most visible contribution “Make It Bounce” came some months back debuting on an OWSLA

seasonal album granting him the visibility of many new fans via Skrillex. Peaking at #7 on iTunes Dance

charts and holding a Beatport Top 100 spot for 96 days, this had been his biggest numerical achievement

since he got an A in Physical Education. Since then, Harvey has been seeking to find a balance between

touring and cleaning the sand from his Versace sandals.


His problem/gift may be that he doesn’t want to be big. Who wants to be a superstar when it involves

you getting your robe dirty at unmaintained meet-and-greet chairs anyway? Around this time a year ago

(yes we update this that frequently)  he made the bold switch into making electronic music as well as

founding the Runway Rebellion Fashion Boutique in Greensboro, NC. About a year before that he founded

the Durham Boiz coalition. Before the days of things working in his favor he never dreamed to see the day BBC

Radio mislabeled his dubstep song for being by PJ Harvey. 4 countries and 12 cities later he sits in a humid Miami

condo freestyling melodies to a youtube beat he found by typing in “metroboomin type beat”. Living his crazy life

unsure if he is a rapper or singer, a hype man or engineer, a lover or hopeless cause, he is most definitely Harvey.

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