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Carolina Has a New Record Label and It's About to Change Everything

March 23, 2016

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OMGITSHARVEYJ wants J. Cole to remix 'Save Her'

March 20, 2016

Viral Sensation OMGITSHARVEYJ made a public plea Saturday night to have NC rap icon J. Cole remix his trending song "Save Her". For those allergic to the internet Save Her has been a seeming J-Cole inspired song subject of viral videos ammassing over 10M views on facebook and it's funny as hell. With absolutely no label backing Harvey has lit his own torch and carried the song into the edge of Spotify charts and quickly amassed 6 digit numbers on Soundcloud. Harvey is just as weird as he is skilled, and a remix to his hit song with the likes of J. Cole would certainly send the song into a realm of being a candidate for song of the year.




Would YOU like to see this remix happen? I sure would. J. Cole has been scrutinized in the past for supporting single mothers more than he has supported the Carolina music industry so this is an exciting oppurtunity to break the stigma. Please, J. Cole we ask you that you collaborate with the savage but great OMGITSHARVEYJ on a remix, it would be fucking epic. #JColeRemixSaveHer

Stay tuned.


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