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Why is 9th Wonder Twitter beefing with NC Rappers instead of helping them?

We are in an era of millenials. The rap game hardly resembles its ways in and out since this time last decade. There has been a fiasco of tweets flying today back and forth between production legend 9th Wonder and Durham based up-n-comer OMGITSHARVEYJ. This seemed to escalate when 9th Wonder's artist Rapsody was cited as being tied on spotify charts with OMGITSHARVEYJ. This didn't seem to go over well as the conversation lead to 9th calling Harvey's numbers fake or "unreal".

This brings the interesting question of Why would a legend take his time out to exchange twitter disses back and forth with the rising youth when he is instead in a position to help him? I personally would like to see a collaboration between the two. This just goes to show you where we still stand in the state of the Carolina industry.

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