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Carolina Has a New Record Label and It's About to Change Everything

Rumors have been circulating everywhere of a new company called STOP THE LABEL launching to change how the artist is treated. These are boastful claims indeed, as I took a read into their official website to get some more information. Based on what is listed they are a marketing firm structured to also do World-wide distribution for independent artists. They claim to not 'sign' artists but rather work for them on a joint venture argreement to expose thier work through strategic marketing plans. This is a revolutionary concept because most artists that have ever wanted to sign to a record label are doing it for the end goal of exposing themselves to the masses anyway. After speaking to a rep over e-mail I figured out that they actually work with several of Facebook/ Instagrams biggest celebrities and media outlets to promote thier artists in very unorthodox ways. They have attracted artist sponsorships, blown up songs through social meme culture, pitched openers for major tours and all the like. After testing their machine on many major label artists, they have now branched off to offering their services to the indies. This may eventually disrupt other labels business models- or not.

OMGITSHARVEYJ has recently made strong mentions of the company that has seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and it is a strong probability that STOP THE LABEL is fueling his campaign with Hennessy. It is also likely they have something to do with his recently charting urban release 'Save Her'. They don't seem to take artist cuts, nor demo submissions. As of now the only way to get in contact with them is on an inquiry form on their website. Hopefully this new concept of a label that works for the artist versus the otherwayaround catches on and we see more artist service companies legitamately helping them rather than ruining their ownership and creative landcape.

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