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OMGITSHARVEYJ's New Video Of Him Growing Up Shows Us Why He's Next To Blow

Not even a full day after releasing the 9 track Pancakes & Hennessy mixtape Harvey J drops yet another video/song to the masses. This time coming to the tune of "Day Ones", it is a revealing video depicting him growing up over the years as a rapper out of Durham, NC. Alot of the retro-footage shows him without facial hair and the massive entourages he possesses today. Since much of his current fanbase has arrived in the past year this gives the fresher eyeballs an insight into just how hard he's worked to get to where he is. Many years in and still cosignless (aside from the Master P mentorship) he continues to prove that dedication and hard work wins the people over. Watch the videos for Day Ones below and be sure to follow Harvey @OMGITSHARVEYJ

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