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DJ Khaled Offers Chef Henny $3M To Pour Belaire On His Food Instead Of Hennessy

You would have to have been in a coma for the past 2 weeks if you've not yet heard of Harvey J & the #HennyChallenge. The internet has exploded today with news that Harvey J, also known for his hilarious viral videos as 'Chef Henny' has been offered a strong 3 Million dollars from Belaire to switch his cooking tutorials to include their champagne instead of Hennessy. Harvey took to his Facebook page today to release a screenshot questioning his fans as to what his next move should be (see below)

While Many have questioned whether or not Harvey is even getting paid by Hennessy for his infectious marketing campaigns for them it is doubtful that they are paying him anywhere close to 3 Million.. or are they? What does cooking with champagne even taste like? Will Harvey be the sellout of the year and switch over to the dark side in the name of the almighty dollar or will he stand by his roots? Whats your favorite Henny challenge attached below is a compilation of many released recently on Youtube.


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