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Chef Henny Turns Down $3 Million Offer From DJ Khaled To Cook With Belaire Instead of Hennessy

It has indeed been a wild week on the internet. After a barrage of viral Henny Challenge cooking tutorials by Chef Henny aka Harvey J, he was promptly offered $3M by DJ Khaleds camp to switch his allegiance with Hennessy over to Belaire Luxe Rose. Immediately after the offer a video was released on Khaled's Instagram of him paying homage (sort of) to the Henny Challenge by drenching his fruit dish in an alcoholic beverage that ISN'T Hennessy. Harvey responded recently as a video surfaced online of Harvey J responding to Khaleds offer by saying "$3M isn't enough... The key is, Use real Henny and stop pouring soup in your sh**" Watch the video below

What are your thoughts on this?? Watch a compilation of the #HennyChallenge done 'properly' below

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