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Internet Famous: Chef Henny's Cooking Videos Have Been Watched Nearly 250 Million Times This Mon

When North Carolina native & musician, Harvey J (aka known as Chef Henny) started posting cooking videos on May 10th, 2016 he didn't imagine that it would become the next big thing on the internet. Everywhere across the net people have been sharing and reposting the videos depicting him creating Hennessy-infused food and Uproxx Mag even has an epic interview with him about it. In fact it's gotten SO big that many have almost forgetten that he does music! Celebrities like DJ Khaled have reached for bottles of their own to promote their own brands with the viral concept. Since it's inception last month he has posted a total of 13 videos online doing what he deems the #HennyChallenge. Harvey went to Facebook today (on his personal page) to announce the staggering numbers of the effort. While it is pretty impossible to take into account every single person that reposted it, the numbers round out to somewhere between 152,000,000-250,000,000! WOW! Today marks the 1 month anniversary of the massive tsunami of attention that has overcome the chef and in celebration we are going to embed every single Henny Challenge into this post for you to watch (maybe you have been living under a rock). Enjoy! Don't forget if you have video of you attempting the Henny Challenge to email it to to be posted on the upcoming compilation of Henny Challenges!

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