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DJ Khaled Reportedly Buys Chef Henny's Stolen Robe for 100K To Flex On IG

It's been a long 2 weeks for Harvey J (aka Chef Henny) since his trademark white Versace robe was allegedly stolen from a gym basketball court. His robe was found last week listed on Ebay before later being settled and removed after bids surpassed an unbelievable $100,000. Read the original story here

It is being rumored (via social media) that the robe has ended up in the hands of DJ Khaled himself, to the pricey tune of $100,000+. He made a post earlier sporting it while boasting about having the #1 album in the country.

He was then scrutinized in the comments by what seemed like an endless onslaught by #HennyGang supporters

The beef may have stemmed from when it was reported DJ Khaled (and Belaire Rose) offered Harvey J $3M to switch the theme of his videos and internet brand to represent his champagne instead of Hennessy. That can be read about here. Hopefully the drama comes to an end!

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