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Club Promoter Pays Harvey J with 100 Bottles Of Hennessy To Come Party

Paid in Henny: Harvey J took to the net today to announce his latest show appearance in Las Vegas, NV was paid in a not-so-ordinary fashion. He posted a picture of what purports to show 100 empty bottles of Hennessy on his Facebook page that he claims the promoter paid him.

This can only make you wonder the stipulations behind such a deal, does the price change based on the value of Henny locally? Do the party-goers get to help him finish the drinks? Does the price of 100 bottles include travel? Does he somehow purchase plane tickets with the Hennessy as well? So many questions that need answers. In he meantime, stay current with Harvey J's latest contribution to my Apple Music playlist- you guessed it; a song about Hennessy!

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