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This Is How Many Bottles Of Hennessy It Costs To Get Harvey J To Do Stuff

For the right price you can get Hennything you want: Recently Harvey J disclosed via his Facebook page that he's been getting paid in Henny to do things like come to birthday parties and to sign bottles of more Henny. We did the research of reaching out to his booking agent to determine the cost (in Henny) of the services Harvey normally gets asked to provide. The numbers are measured in "Fifths of Henny" and are posted below:

Concert Performance: 125 Bottles

DJ Your Party: 100 Bottles Come To Your Party: 100 Bottles Feature On Your Song: 50 Bottles

Sign Your Bottle Of Henny: 10 Bottles Live Stream Taking A Nap With You: 300 Bottles

To break it down into more layman's terms we calculated the actual cost to buyer if your buying the bottles from $30-$40 a pop. Concert Performance: $3,750-$5,000 DJ Your Party: $3,000-$4,000 Come To Your Party: $3,000-$4,000 Feature On Your Song: $1,500-$2,000 Sign Your Bottle Of Henny: $300-$400 Live Stream Taking A Nap With You: $9,000-$12,000

You better Hurry up before prices go up! Stream Harvey's latest offering to Soundcloud "Hit The Henny On That Bitch!" below:

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