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Police Called After Reports Of Hennessy Spiked Halloween Candy

It was a wild day in Wake County, NC as reports are coming in that a wild Halloween party ended in blue lights as police authorities were called to the scene of an incident of spiked Halloween candy. The party drew a crowd of thousands, the police say. It all allegedly started when viral internet star Chef Henny posted a video online of what appears to be him pouring Hennessy Cognac into a bowl of candy. The video received hundreds of thousands of views via Facebook generating mixed reactions before it was finally announced that he was planning on having a Halloween party.

Much of the affair was caught on live stream for the World to see.

Shortly after the live stream abruptly ends Chef went on snapchat to show footage of the police arrival before his departure. It is not yet known the status of the shut down. We reached out to Chef Henny for further comment but have yet to receive a reply.

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